Spring in Rotterdam 2013

Let me welcome you  again in my "higher abstract space". I am glad that you visit. 
Below there are the latest creations that I have been busy with since the winter began to abandon us and spring  "set on".

My products will be soon available via Etsy e-shop
up till now the "oldfashioned" e-mail orders are received with pleasure and simply feasible, to maintain as personal as possible. If you would like any of my items, 
please contact me (robi.stepankova@gmail.com). I ll be glad to send you the item via post or deliver it personally. My prices are listed below. 

However, the most I prefer personal meeting at the markets. 
I will post some photos of the 1st SWAN Market I was selling at 
the last Sunday 21st of April in the next report.  

Now, let´s have a look...

Subtle and simple
..personal pieces you may use for anything you like 



 ..using soft silk applications

Laptop covers

 (dimension: 27x24cm)

 (colourful cover for an 11inch laptop)

(you can cover also a smaller laptop, dimensions: 27,5x24cm)

In order to make a personal laptop cover, I prefer to take orders as the dimensions and preferences may vary. If you like the idea to have one for your own computer, I will gladly receive your order.

Handy spoon - fork - knife covers
...you can have always by hand

..because lunch is a pleasurable moment of a day! 

Longer roll-up pencilcases
are practical to make order in pens and pencils you carry with you 

Covers for larger mobile phones 







Something to cover a small notebook or an "e-book"



Covers for glasses & pencil
Covers for glasses only

 Hard disk covers

Sunglasses covers

 Smaller mobile phone covers





 Cheerful fork and knife covers 
to celebrate the moment of eating 

 Something to "hang on


Simple originality
in flat pencilcases

Something for all the hungry children

Dreamlike personages
that like to float in the air from a ceiling or a blossoming magnolia branch...

To finish with...

larger mobile phone cover and...
"how practicality sometimes transforms into 
something unexpected..."


..into a new beginning of something!


smaller mobile phone covers 10e
larger mobile phone covers 14e
laptop covers 16e - 25e (depending on size)
cutlery covers 10e
glasses & pencil cases 13e
sunglasses cover 13e
hard disk covers 14e
simple flat pencilcases 7e
roll-up longer pencilcases 10e